Perilous Voyage – This week’s Long Read

Ariving on the unstable Island as living creatures begin hunting them, their expedition uncovers a
conspiracy that could turn their journey to a perilous order not read before. Bruce, a tall, in his thirties and adventurous, encounters one of the most deadliest adventure in his period and has to deal with many dangerous obstacles coming his way.

The sky rains with deadliest creatures and run growling against these adventurer as they are set to finding an ancient treasure that’s been abandoned for centuries. They might be the first to discover or Die as everyone did before them. It’s also an experience that would turn Bruce’s life upside down. Romance follows closely. Introduction; This story starts with Bruce and his crew investigating the mystery of the Island and fossils of hundreds years old animals that gone extinct. Some are alive hunting them cause of how quickly they maintain the odouring smell of crumbs. It has 10 chapters each with different and creative titles, showing the main focus of the entire chapter. To get readers on the verge of curiosity and try to find the reason of every chapter in between.

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I have brought experiences of writing through books and constant times of actually trying and writing. I’d be sharing my works that can be actually good to read. If any of you found something bad and unreasonable or anything at all. Please never hesitate to come forward.

I’m a writer

Hi, I’m Dante. First off, My Introduction: I’m a passionate teenager writer, which is hard to find these days, I’ve been reading books a lot, I love it and whenever I’m really obsessed with a character of any book. For example, Harry Potter. He uses his wand to deceive things. I’d do the same, but with a stick and wander off just saying the spells. Only so to tell any story of any character to my friends because they’re not much of readers. I don’t know if they’re not fascinated by it so I tell them these stories by myself. I started reading in a very young age, 9, But I never knew if i could write my own stories until one of my these friends told me that I could actually put my story telling into words that could fascinate a few more. So I have wrote a few and look forward to sharing them if somehow anyone is interested.