Who Is Jenna Fox?

Who is Jenna Fox? Seventeen-year-old Jenna has been told that is her name. She has just awoken from a coma, they tell her, and she is still recovering from a terrible accident in which she was involved a year ago. But what happened before that? Jenna doesn’t remember her life. Or does she? And are the memories really hers?

This fascinating novel represents a stunning new direction for acclaimed author Mary Pearson. Set in a near future America, it takes readers on an unforgettable journey through questions of bio-medical ethics and the nature of humanity. Mary Pearson’s vividly drawn characters and masterful writing soar to a new level of sophistication.

Door OF Death

[Door Of Death]

The screeches of humans cannot echoe through solid doors, But death follows in every place of every edge. ‘Death smells you everywhere.’
Death is empty spirits that dread for human lives, but have no real purpose. Ben Medeiros and Noah Travis, two eager teenagers with seventeen years of age. Recalling from their actions and daily activities, they’re precipitous. Ben’s family took a hold of their jobs and went on a vacation while he considered to stay along Noah. ‘Dude, we could do anything we want. Ah. First.’ He adds, with precipitous manners and sudden haste thoughts. ‘Let’s go to this party then create our own.’ He says to Noah as he stood near his wardrobe, throwing away his clothes for being indecisive to know what to wear. ‘C’mon man, just wear something. You’d look good in anything. Besides, we’re running late for the first party we’ve ever been invited for. Ugh!’ Noah recalls, thumping down the ground with his sneakers and jumping out within haste. Acting too quickly or not even acting is the biggest mistake you could make. Finally, Ben wears something he sees well enough and mumbles ‘Meh! This seems better.’ Noah sighs with relief and follows Ben as he takes overlead out of the door. Ben’s parents property is well enough for him. 3rd floor houses which are crossed with stairs, with of brownish carpets and clean as a third floor apartment should be. He climbs up to the stairs when a similar sound he noticed. /Creak, Creak. He stopped, listened with out ears and realised thinking, Oh the it’s the swing in his straight lush garden. Out of the third floor window, Seeing a dog, the cat made a hasty retreat up a tree. Ben and Noah laughed, thinking of the cat’s haste and stupidity. ‘Heh! We don’t want to make any hasty decisions.’ Noah jokes, but Ben realises that he did. When he came to remember that he had forgot his phone and wallet probably on his room. He swifted down to the room with Noah following ‘Dude, What the hell?’ Ben suggested a minute and reached his room in the next.
As he looked around his bed and bag that laid on the corner. Noah came in, giving the confusion thought to Ben that he hadn’t heard his suggestion. Which was ‘Just a sec, Noah.’
For the next few minutes, Ben and Noah look for Ben’s lost stuff. Behind them, the door of the room slammed hard by something, but no wind blew and gave them the shock of fear and apprehension. Corners grew darker, in the most horrifying way. There seemed no corner but the rise of darkness. Noah moved forward expecting to open the door and get out to their party, having fun, drinking strong alcohols and let be things they were. Probably, dragging the cat out of its haste. The door gave a clutched sound, the handle didn’t turn to creak the door open. It was locked. They sat in the dark room with something other than themselves. It shouted, cried and starved with them. It played. A ball landed with a loud thud on the ground offering them to concur in playing, instead Ben and Noah cried out in horror but they had no voice to be heard. Other than that, the room were below a lower position. Voices couldn’t even get through thick walls. Only the splash of sweepers and the rasping sound of the ‘Swing-Sling’ mumbles round the house, as if someone were playing it. Ben ran, peaked and found the ‘3 padded narrow sling’ functioning. He directed, and starred at the play. They trembled at the fear of death, but they’re only hope was this Swing-Sling. They were locked in their own homestead, but echoes of fear and death followed closely in their wake. They are drawn into the centuries-old haunt of spirits that could lessen their shade of life. The core of it’s endless rows were parted in these four-walls. The curse of beshrewed souls and a haunted character followed closely. Their failure to plan ahead is now coming back to haunt them. – Actions of Haste.
Ben snarled and jumped up thumping the door – screeching.
What came back for response was his echoes, yet again.
It kept coming back in the mind of them.
Of a separate entity, something that existed by itself. ‘Hey, We’re here. Please! Please!’ Noah utters, coughing and spits out gurgling as he percieves a sight of someone out of the door. Maybe it was a shadow. Though, it stood upright in a way as it bent the bow and shot a arrow from it. In a crawled way over the wall. It hurled their way, then sudden: abbreviated, elongated, cruel it seemed but he kept his distance because whoever that was didn’t realize if someone was about to be strangled kept in these fourwalls, he didn’t show up. It was May, the month of Ben’s birth, the night before. Nothing came into sight that night or any assumptions, which made Ben and Noah to reconsider that they’ve only seen illusions of fear and that it wasn’t real.
The rasps of thunder made the walls quake, the bittering sound of laughter came within but more cickly than heavy. A distant sound cuffed and puffed. Ben woke up due to the disturbance around the kitchen.
The attempts of sudden movement made his neck twist and realized he forgot a dream, though, once again. He can never remember his dreams upon waking. He didn’t get into that and looked at the door where he saw Noah face-front, towards the door. He sat with no emotion, but moved back and forth humming and laughing with himself, Following that, with the sound of a cickly laughter rather than heavy. The door of the kitchen banged probably because of the rousing thunder rumbles and wind. They were in the same room, same experiment and same places objects but a locked door. He grew his distance closer to Noah considering to get him on his wake as Noah, in previous times, sleep walked and did such strange things but not in the presence of Ben himself.
Ben was aware, therefore, he took time to reach Noah’s direction.
As he reached, Noah held a photo, but with open eyes. A photo of Ben ‘knocking Noah with a cream-cake on his face at his birthday, the seventeenth birthday.
Ben came across this photo and cursed himself for it because he knew that Noah wasn’t sleep walking at that particular moment, but awake, aware, however, not in his own curb edges. Noah still looked at the photo moving unstoppably back and forth, not even blinking. Then with a quick movement from his neck, he turned and looked at Ben. His eyes vivid with cold of a pale colour, it appeared he had gone to a deep fright. With a scream he fell face-first to the hard and elegant carpet. His eyes still open with the coldness but body hard in cold blood. The cickling sounds disappeared his mouth as he grasped with his last breath. Rasps in his mouth turned red to soaking blood. He gurgled out saliva and laid dead on the carpet. Ben terrified, confused made attempts to unlock the door, It’s handle hardened, he dragged it over himself with a great amount of effort. It’s handle creaked under Ben’s hand and he could feel it turning to open and creaked open with a rasping sound. He didn’t go near Noah cause he was too afraid to do so.
Ben screamed in horror for the need of help, but his sound showed no pain.
He swifted upto the deck of stairs and his heart still softly pounding. Lonesome means nothing at all, there grasped the echoes of death, the stink of corpse, eyes that still watched every movement. Pleased Ben’s soul to let him live another day, and begged his body to let him die for it couldn’t resist to stay anymore. Of pale colour he appeared from his face, sequins seemed to fade as with every dip of sweat. Walking up these silky path, Ben couldn’t bear to have his breath in pace. Like the room contained less oxygen.
There in that same step of stairs, as he rushed upwards to save his last breath, his heart pounding down his throat, a living soul began to leave his effortless body. He fell with open eyes, but dead. His last terms were not words, but the scream of a frightened soul. The last thing he heard were the creak of that same 3-person padded sling outdoors, giving him hope that he could live, but that’s what had caused to his demise.
It’s sound went on as eternal, back and forth, on and on. – Alpha.

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Perilous Voyage – This week’s Long Read

Ariving on the unstable Island as living creatures begin hunting them, their expedition uncovers a
conspiracy that could turn their journey to a perilous order not read before. Bruce, a tall, in his thirties and adventurous, encounters one of the most deadliest adventure in his period and has to deal with many dangerous obstacles coming his way.

The sky rains with deadliest creatures and run growling against these adventurer as they are set to finding an ancient treasure that’s been abandoned for centuries. They might be the first to discover or Die as everyone did before them. It’s also an experience that would turn Bruce’s life upside down. Romance follows closely. Introduction; This story starts with Bruce and his crew investigating the mystery of the Island and fossils of hundreds years old animals that gone extinct. Some are alive hunting them cause of how quickly they maintain the odouring smell of crumbs. It has 10 chapters each with different and creative titles, showing the main focus of the entire chapter. To get readers on the verge of curiosity and try to find the reason of every chapter in between.

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